Friday, 3 July 2009

I turned 22!

So my birthday was on Tuesday, and some awesome folks came out to help me celebrate- you know who you are! And if you forgot because of the drinking, here is a reminder!

Yep, I drew terrible portraits of everyone who joined me at my house. Luckily I'm not too self-conscious about showing off my bad drawings (maybe I owe this to my thesis professor, John Scott ). Also I have this three-pronged excuse: I was drunk, it was dark, and most of the time I wasn't looking at the page.

Sadly I left my sketchbook at home before we went to the bar, otherwise I could have drawn some even worse portraits of the people we met up with there.


Did you know I keep a comic journal? Why would you know that, I never show anyone. Point is, it's a daily comic strip about the stuff that happens to me. I've been having trouble keeping up with it, and think that putting it on the internet will help me out with that.

So: starting with the June 30th strip, I will start posting them on here! Coming Soon!

I'd better get to work on that.

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