Monday, 29 June 2009

Comics, As Promised!

So here are the highlights from my "Father's Day Weekend Sketchbook". Not that great a name because the only things I left out were unfinished/abandoned pages, rough sketches, some abstract pattern drawings and a terrible drawing of Captain Canuck. Also a bad name because 10 pages is a pathetic amount for a sketchbook. Maybe not bad for a weekend, though.


Let me be perfectly clear: this is a drawing of actual events. On the way to the lake, there was a point where I was responsible for both keeping the truck in the proper lane, and for keeping Menina from falling out the wide-open window. It was brief, though.

And most of the drive was far more relaxing. Check out this chilled-out sketch of my Dad and Menina, two of my favourite people there are:

Dad's mouth was open because he was singing to Amy Winehouse. I was going to write the lyrics in, but I forgot them, and I didn't want to put any old lyrics in because they would be "close enough". I don't stand for that kind of sloppy approximation!


Look closely, or skim the page briefly, and you'll notice some truly sloppy text work. Totally ran out of room for the word 'boats'. And as for the bottom line, I guess I momentarily forgot how to spell 'mean'.

This is the introduction page of a two-page comic about how Menina- the supposed "water dog"- get this! Fell in the water and hated it! Classic! that page is basically planned out and if I ever feel like it maybe I'll ink it and post it.

"Well, that's all for now", he said, bowing awkwardly before an audience of... one? Maybe?

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