Friday, 10 July 2009

Better Know a Blogger!

Here is an anecdote that will make you feel like you know me (here I am pretending that there are people out there reading this who don't actually know me in real life).


The year was 1999-2000. I was in a grade that wasn't high school yet. That's right, it was junior high. My friends Max and Andrew spent a lot of their recesses reading EGM- Electronic Gaming Monthly. Because they liked video games, and still do.

I liked video games at the time, and still do, but as with 22-year old James, 12-year-old James only sort of liked them in passing, hadn't really sunk his teeth properly into a game since Super Mario World for the SNES. (Which I had owned for 7 years at this point).

Point is, I got a subscription to EGM! A subscription to a magazine devoted to the latest news and reviews from the world of electronic gaming! News about and reviews of games that I had very little interest in playing, except for maybe at somebody else's house if they happened to buy them.

So why did I spend the 24 or 36 dollars for 12 issues of this rag? It wasn't peer pressure. I actually had a pretty good reason for wanting to receive the thing monthly:

That's right! I subscribed to the whole damn thing just to get the one bloody page at the back of the magazine! It was a comic, by the way, and a brilliant comic it was. I remember they lampooned the Pokémon craze by creating a Pikachu-like mouse with nuclear powers, and it was named Chernobyl! Classic!

Anyways the whole reason I told you this boring story is that I just found out Hsu & Chan is available online! In webcomic form! $0/year! Go witness its glory!


Aaand in telling that story I just remembered what a huge role the Pokémon game, and the franchise in general, played in my life. I retract that statement about Super Mario World.

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