Sunday, 5 July 2009

My Girlfriend

She is a beautiful and mysterious cowgirl, as evidenced here:

And look at the card she made me for my birthday!

That's right, she scoured the internet for all my favourite webcomics and brought them together in one brilliant page of awesomeness. If you are unfamiliar with any one of these characters, you should rectify that immediately, as each one of them is like 10 Bart Simpsons rolled into some kinda Nutty Koo-Koo Super-Bart. Here come the links, in reading order no less!

DAR by Erika Moen
History Comics by Kate Beaton
Penny Arcade by Tycho and Gabe
Lucy Knisley
White Ninja
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North
Professor Brothers by Brad Neely
Dr. McNinja

Seriously, if you haven't read every single one of these geniuses, what are you even doing on this blog?

On the subject of fandom, let me show off the autographs I got at TCAF!

So by now you should recognize Erika, Lucy, Ryan, Kate and the Doctor, but what about that curly-haired fellow? That's Mark Thisse , prolific cartoonist and awesome dude! And the stick man on the post-it note? That's John Campbell, writer of depressing comics and self-proclaimed "alright sort of guy I guess".

If you don't know what TCAF is... hoo boy. Hold onto your hat.

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