Friday, 3 July 2009

Here is what my Comics look like.

As promised in the last post, some journal strips:

I went on a purchase-intense mission, and was pretty excited about the things I bought. Here they are!

The fall depicted here was much more painful than my illustration might make it look. I was going pretty fast when my seat fell off and I had to roll a bit until I stopped. Made it out with just 2 scrapes, though. If there had been traffic on the road, or if I had landed differently, it could have been a problem.

Here's a little one-page thing about puns in different languages.

Hopefully you can read Italian!


Are you on Twitter? If you are, you should follow this account . I made it today with my good friend Max Lantz. He's a talented writer, and we're always trying to be a writer/artist team, and now we are:


He writes a twitter post, then I illustrate it as a page of comics. Then he writes another twitter post to continue the story, et cetera ad infinitum. We're going to see how long of a story we can write. We're pretty excited about it. I'll be posting all the pages here, but they might not read too well without the text over at Twitter.

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