Saturday, 4 September 2010

...aaand we're back.

Wow, what a hiatus!
I was gone for months, seeing animals and meeting humans in Australia!
I made a ton of autobio comics while I was there, which will probably be compiled sometime in the future.
Now I'm in Venice, because that's where my girlfriend Michelle is living.
Michelle and I went to art school together, and we like to draw together.
Here are some paper characters we made recently...

 This is a ghost I made to start us off.
Then Michelle made these cute creatures.
I made a chameleon dinosaur. Why not, right?
Michelle's self-portrait doll (check out those feet!) looks on as two of our reptile characters (fail to) interact.
This is an unnamed warrior character from a comic I was drawing this summer...
...and here he is on his gorillahorse, Appointment.
Michelle's pig-monkey-chicken hijacks Appointment.

Then we started to get interactive! The top two characters were drawn and cut out without being shown to the other person. Michelle made the rabbit-eared guy, and I made the spooky monk.
We then took the other person's blank cut-out and made a new character based on its shape. Cool, right?

And here's a pigeon creature Michelle made, and a little knight's helmet I made for it.

Finally, here's a little scene I set up with some of the stuff we'd made. Note the warrior's new expression- I made a removable second face for him- versatility!

I have been thinking a lot in the past year about image creation and the intersections between writing, drawing and playing. Michelle and I hope that these characters are the first step toward developing fun methods for some multi-author story creation. More on these plans as they develop!

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